Spring in Kyoto

Kyoto ,the highlight of spring is SAKURA . In early April when cherry brown in this city,Kyoto becomes very beautiful and has power. How about go to KAMOKAWA river to have lunch with your friends

Summer in Kyoto

Summer is hot , Winter is cold .That is climate characteristics of Kyoto.
In sweltering summer,the only way to cool off is go to KAMOKAWA river .
Besides,The well-know event -GION festivals also conduct in summer.

Fall in Kyoto

When the season becomes fall,Kyoto is into the Maple season.
From Eikan temples to Kiyomizu temples, you can see the beautiful maple leaf at day , some temples also open at night, so that you can enjoy the maple leaf at night .

Winter in Kyoto

There is fewer tourists ,,but have more sense of life in Kyoto’s winter.
The only highlight of Kyoto’s winter is enjoy the snow Kinkaku-ji,beside Kinkaku-ji, you also can enjoy the snow view in Kiyomizu temples and Shimogamo-jinja Shrine.

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Guest Reviews

Awesome two story authentic Kyoto house with an exceptionally service-oriented staff that is fluent in English. Just remember to keep a note with the address in Japanese and the phone number of the hotel, as many taxi drivers will not find the direction and will call the hotel owners for exact directions. When you have learned its location, you will easily navigate there. Highly recommended!
Knut, Sweden
location was amazing-within gion district, just a short walk or bikeride away to the very central Gion lanes for eating/shopping/geisha spotting! Yumi was the booking manager and she met us at 830pm on our arrival, showed us around the house, gave us a map and an introduction to kyoto, she even lent us her own bicycle as there were 3 of us & usually the place only comes with 2bikes! she even walked us to the main strip of Gion to point out some ideas for restuarants and shopping. She also was ‘on call’ (during reasonable hours) if we needed any advice or had any questions. We were so impressed by Yumi’s warm welcome-we have never been so impressed by the service in an apartment before! Wi-fi was great. The place itself was airconditioned, comfortable futon bedding, very traditional style old japanese townhouse. Really clean & so quiet! I cannot recommend this place enough. Perfect for 3- 4 people to fit comfortably (could squeeze in 6) I wish i could go back! Just around the corner (on the same street as the nearest subway station) was an amazing little store selling vintage kimonos and trinkets run by a beautiful lady called Chisato, and an incredible modern japanese izakaya called “bamboo”…
Saschveen, Australia
Everything in the inn has a traditional-style Japanese feel to it: the tatami beds, sliding doors, and even the kitchen table. Unlike more modern hotels, staying here makes it really feel like you’re in Japan. + The owner of the inn was very helpful and friendly. She met us at the door at our agreed upon check-in time and gave us a short tour of the house. Then she presented us with a map of the Kyoto area and pointed out her favorite sightseeing spots. + 5 minute walk from the nearest bus station and subway and 15 minutes from the train station.
Bradley, America
We went as a group of four friends in our mid-20s, speaking marginal Japanese from a phrasebook. We familiarized ourselves with Japanese etiquette and living before our arrival, and we appreciated our stay at this amazing house all the better because of it. The location was so perfect for day trips (minutes from the stations) and sightseeing (Shoren-In, Chion-In, etc.) all down the road. Gion, Nishiki Market, everything is just so close! There’s an izakaya just around the corner, a laundromat across the street, convenience stores everywhere, and not to mention the complimentary bikes provided. The house was beautifully kept, with both hardwood floors and tatami mats, a very cozy living room with TV (fridge, sink, and microwave, but beware, no stove!), and bathroom was exceptionally clean. I cannot adequately say how happy I was with the service. It was beyond extraordinary. Our train to Kyoto was delayed, but the staff still waited for us and met us at the station (in the rain!) to guide us to the house. When we left, we left some of our belongings behind, and the staff mailed it to our next hotel for us, free of any hassle. I cannot recommend it enough, I wish I had the chance to stay even longer.
John, America
Everything about Kyoto Miyabi Inn was great, especially the location. Although very, conveniently close to a subway station, it is accessed through a “shoutengai” (with all its charm) into a narrow alley and then a narrower one still. My Japanese daughter-in-law was thrilled, saying: “This is the real Japan!” I was visiting Kyoto with my son and his family, who live in Wakayama. The five of us, including two very small girls, were very comfortable at Kyoto Miyabi Inn – I just wish we had longer than the three nights.
Patricia, Australia
Reception is a very kind and good english . We are very get a comfortable from her information
Prapaipun, Thailand
I enjoyed the whole experience of spending a night in a traditional Japanese dwelling. I also had the entire house to myself which was absolutely fantastic. The staff were very helpful and spoke good English.

Gerard, UK
Very nice welcome. Beautiful and quiet house. Close to subway station and bus. A lot of shops nearby. Very convenient location.