Kyoto-Miyabi Inn stay is a one-day-one-group guest house system, which means you will have the whole guest house to yourselves. Different from other inns or hotels, our staff will not be around at the guesthouse most of the time.
Thus please follow the procedures during your stay here. Thank you for your cooperation!

Before arriving Kyoto Miyabi Inn:
Since our staff are not based at Kyoto Miyabi Inn, please contact us either by email or phone to indicate your arrival time so we may schedule our staff to assist you for check-in. Also, be sure to contact us if you need to postpone your arrival time or if you need further assistance on finding the way to Kyoto Miyabi Inn.

Check-in and check-out:
Our staff will briefly guide you through the environment and check-in process once you arrived at Kyoto Miyabi Inn. Please be noted by the regulation of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, all guests must provide their passport during check-in to make photocopies for identification purposes.Our check-out time is until 11:00,You can check-out anytime by yourself.Our staff will not be there when you check-out.

Guesthouse Policy
Kyot0 Miyabi Inn is a traditional Japanese Machiya entirely made of wood with more than 80 years of history. Thus please make sure that you follow the rules below. Thank you for your cooperation!

  1. For safety, all devices and articles that can lead to fire are prohibited at Miyabi. Since the guesthouse is made of wood and it is located in a residential area, smoking is strictly prohibited inside and outside of Miyabi. If you get caught smoking, you will be asked to pay the fine according to the Kyoto City Public Area Non-smoking Law.
  2. Please stay quiet after 10pm. Since it is located in a residential area, making loud noises or partying can cause inconvenience to the neighbors.